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Branch Network?

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Aatmanirbhar has its central office located at Ghorahi-Metropolis-15 in Dang district with its total 17 working branch offices mentioned below:

Branch details

SN.BranchAddressBranch ManagerPhone numberE-Mail
1Ghorahi BranchGhorahi 15 DangArchana chaudhary9857824795aghorahibranch795@gmail.com
2Narayanpur BranchGhorahi 10 DangBasanti  Shrestha9847818223aatmanirbharlbsltd04@gmail.com
3Tulsipur A BranchTulsipur 5 DangJugram chaudhary9847810132dineshchaudhary5070@gmail.com
4Tulsipur  B BranchTulsipur 5 DangChintamani chaudhary9868623003chintachaudhary3003@gmail .com
5Lamahi BranchLamahi 5 Lamahi DangRamesh Chaudhary9847976360rameshchh5@gmail.com
6Bhalubang BranchRapti  Rural Municipality 1  Bhalubang Dang Laxman Chaudhary9868992368 
7Gadhawa BranchGadhawa Rural Municipality 4 Gadhawa DangJipsara Gharti9844996658gadhawabranchrwdc2076@gmail.com
8Rajpur BranchRajpur Rural Municipality 5 Dang.Tukman Ramjal9840634555tukmanmg@gmail.com
9Hapure BranchBabai Rural Municipality 5 DangTirshna chaudhary9847896763anlbbshapure10@gmail.com
10Shreegaun BranchDangisharan Rural Municipality 4 DangMohan chaudhary9844847802shreegaunbranch13@gmail.com
11Kamirechaur BranchBangalachuli Rural Municipality 3 DangRamlal bk9847878947ramkumakhi175@gmail.com
12Salyan BranchSarada Municipality 3 Khalanga SalyanPrem Parkash chaudhary9868150942salyanbranchrwdcdang@gmail.com
13Kohalpur BranchKohalpur Municipality 10  Banke.Bishnu chaudhary9847896557kohalpurbranchrwdcdang@gmail.com
14Baijapur  BranchRapti Sonari Rural Municipality 4 BankeUmesh chaudhary9841830536namuwaumesh@gmail.com
15Samjhana BranchBaijanath Rural Municipality 6 BankeSurya kumai Rawat9868218911jayantichaudharydang@gmail.com
16Karkado BranchNepalgung sub –metr politian city 17 bankeBishri kumari chauhdary9866771748aasik4296@gmail.com
17Fattepur BranchRapti Sonari Rural Municipality 7 BankeKhilmal bk9866847196rajkhum553@gmail.com

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