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Aatmanibhar LBS changed life of Deu Kumari in operating Jersey cow farm

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Deu Kumari thanked Aatmanirbhar LBS for a loan of Rs 150,000 she received without collateral to purchase six Jersey cows to start a Jersey cow farm. She is the member of Aatmanibhar LBS saving group of women.

She is a permanent resident of Rapti rural municipality-ward no-1, Masuriya in Dang district.

Now Deu Kumari has become a professional animal farm holder as she has not only six Jersey cows but also buffalos. She remains busy in taking care of these Jersey cows and buffalo. “I started this animal farm as I wanted to be economically independent because for small expenses also I had to expect my husband to provide me the money. Now, I don’t have to depend upon my husband to spend the money on things of daily need,” said Deu Kumari. Her husband is a school teacher who also has been supporting her in her farm.

Deu Kumari took the bold decision to ask for loan from RWDC promoted Aatmanirbhar LBS run microfinance program as she was inspired by her neighbors doing some business by taking loans from the same micro finance services.

Deu Kumari gets 25 liters of milk from her five Jersey cows and 6 liters of milk from one buffalo. So, she has a total of 31 liters of milk produced at home from her farm every day. Out of 32 liters of milk, 25 liters of milk is sold at local dairy farm while rest of the milk is consumed locally. The money which she gets from selling 25 liters of milk to a local dairy is paid as loan installment while the money received from the remaining milk makes it possible for her to meet the daily expense of her house.

Deu Kumari has not only become self reliant and financially independent from her husband, but also has set an example of for other village youths who are unemployed and are expecting to go abroad for jobs, that they can also start any of similar type of self-employment jobs in their own village.  

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