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One decision of Murti KC changed her life

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Murti KC in her fifties is a landless farmer who makes her living along with her husband Lal Bahadur KC by ploughing the fields of Swargdwari Ashram in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis-5 at Nainwar. But the family of Murti KC faced a lot of hardship to live a decent life with no sufficient land and a source of income.

So one day Murti decided to take a loan of Rs 15,000 from Aatmanirbhar LBS to buy two goats as a member of women’s saving groups under Aatmanirbhar LBS. The benefits of two goats further encouraged her to get a loan of Rs 20,000 to buy buffalo followed by a loan of Rs 90,000 two times to manage her entrepreneurship.

Then Murti’s ambition to go for a multipurpose entrepreneurship was kindled. She planned to start a fish pond for which she took a loan of Rs 3,00,00,0 in three installments from Aatmanirbhar LBS. Initially she had started fish farming with one pond. But now she has managed four fish ponds. She had started her fish farming with 1000 fingerlings. Now her four fish ponds have got at least 106000 fingerlings.

Murti says in one season the fish can give as much as Rs 150,000 income. Now, Murti is engaged in at least five entrepreneurships including fish, poultry, Jersey, buffalo and goat farming, 200 pigeon farm and vegetable farm. Murti and her husband are very satisfied with their achievements. They have bought around 10 kathas of land from their earnings. The couple’s two sons have already got married and separated and have living independently.

“Aatmanirbhar LBS has helped me with loan without collateral several times. That’s why I have been able to change the status of my life and family,” said Murti KC.

The landless Murti KC’s house premises vibrant with fish pond and animal farm seemingly looks like that of a landlord’s house. This of course is a great change that RWDC promoted Aatmanirbhar LBS brought about in the rural women’s life.

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