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Aatmanirbhar LBS changing rural lives

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Karina Chaudhary earns Rs 200000 annually from goat rearing

Karina Chaudhary, a resident of Gadhwa rural municipality-7, Jharbaira was poor and hopeless. She didn’t know how to improve her financial status. Her husband used to work for electricity wiring whose income was also not sufficient to make her both ends meet. Then she resolved to start goat farm as her profession for the survival. Initially, she managed to buy five goats and reared them at home since 2015. The number of goats started multiplying. Now she needed a well managed extensive goat shed.

For this work she needed a loan. But she had no source and resources to get loans. Under such critical circumstances Karina came in contact with Aatmanirbhar LBS promoted by RWDC that provided Karina a series loans without collateral.

Then she took these loans ranging from Rs 20,000 and 50,000 to 200000 that supported her in constructing concrete shed for the goats. Now she has more than 80 she goats and he goats including baby goats under this newly built concrete shed.

Her family members including her husband also supported her in her efforts to take care of the goats. Now she is earning around Rs 2,00000 in a year and  says she finds it very easy to pay the loan installments. Now Karina Chaudhary has become a well known exemplary successful rural woman entrepreneur in her community.

“Had I not met with the official staff of Aatmanirbhar LBS, my dream and wish to have more number of goats under a concrete roof would have remained unfulfilled. Thanks to Aatmanirbhar LBS, “said Karina.

She further said, “I have not only learned to generate income for my family, but also learned how to speak for a cause in the group. Who would give us such a big loan up to Rs 200000 without collateral, if it were not Aatmanirbhar LBS. More over Aatmabirbhar LBS has also taught us to live with economic independence with our heads held high in society.”

Karina now reflects upon her miserable past and says that she is no more the same Karina of the past. She admits that Aatmabirbhar LBS has really changed her life.

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