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Attempts to change outlook of society

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Dang Ghorahi, June 17, 2021: Kamala Basnet, a resident of Kanjwar, Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan 15, had joined as a member of Atmanirbhar  LBS (formerly Rural Women’s Development Center or Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra 8 years ago at the center no 99, Sundari Mahila Utthan Kendra.

Due to poor financial condition of her family, her husband had to go abroad three times in the hope of getting a good job through agencies and manpower brokers, but nothing was availed from the foreign employment.

When nothing came out of working hard in the 45-50 degree temperature abroad, he was forced to return home. Then the awareness of doing something awoke in their mind of Kamala Basnet and her frustrated husband.

Kamala started thinking about doing a small business in the village and planned to run a piggery, poultry and fresh house in the village. She made a plan but no one believed her. 
 On the one hand she lacked money and on the other hand the outlook of the society not so favorable. She said that when she consulted with two or four people for raising pigs, she was told that how can a daughter of Basnet do this filthy profession of piggery?
However, she did plan to start this business with the help of other society members though she had the financial difficulty to start this business. 
 Under such hard circumstances while searching for the stone, she found a deity, because at that time, she had joined a group of Rural Women Development Center (current Aatmanirbhar LBS). She started the business of piggery with Rs 20,000 taken as a loan from this financial institution. 
Currently, her husband runs a mill in the village on a contract basis and runs a grocery shop too. She runs a piggery, goat farm and a fresh meat house at home. Today, Basnet has a total of 35 pigs with 17 big pigs and 18 small pigs.  Basnet's annual income these days is over Rs 600000 which seems to be quite exciting and encouraging for others to replicate it.

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