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Annual Review Seminar Concludes

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June 28, 2021

Aatmanirbhar LBS (former Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra or Rural Women Development Center -RWDC) has concluded its annual review seminar with branch managers in Ghorahi Sub Metropolis on 26 June 2021.

The review meeting was attended by a total of 27 participants including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aatmabirbhar LBS Shogat Bir Chaudhary, chairperson of RWDC Aasmani Chaudhary, Aatmabirbhar LBS chair Mira Chaudhary, Department chiefs of central office and all branch managers of this financial institution.

The speakers on the occasion were CEO Shogat Bir Chaudhary, RWDC Chair Aasmani Chaudhary, Aatmabirbhar LBS chair Mira Chaudhary, Internal Auditor Nep Bahadur Chaudhary, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Nirmal Chaudhary and Insurance Department chief Sancha Bahadur Chaudhary.

The review program was moderated by loan officer Kalidas Chaudhary and the program was held in the conference hall of RWDC.

CEO Shogat Bir Chaudhary speaking during the review meet (left), Participants (right)

Objective of the review meeting

Aatmabirbhar LBS has been contributing to alleviation of poverty for its members who are rural women, who are socially and economically backward through microfinance services. Annual review is one of the usual and regular routine of this financial institution to make its financial services more effective. So, this review meeting was aimed at reviewing the fiscal year 2020/21 and plan for 2021/22.

Branch wise Presentations:

The review meeting was focused on presentation of goals and objectives fulfilled in the fiscal year 2020/21. Most of the presentations revealed that repayments installments were not regular and were hampered due to worldwide effect of Covid-19 pandemic. The existing problems, challenges and future plans of the respective branches were presented in the review meeting. The following were the issues that surfaced during the annual review meeting.

  • Irregularity in group meetings
  • Belated presence of members in the meetings
  • Members’ loans being given to others to use it
  • Loans being used in other purposes
  • Lockdown being used as an excuse not to repay loan installments
  • Bad loan members asking for additional loans on top of previous loans
  • Group members on decline
  • Problem in loan repayment
  • Increment of bad loans
  • Not able to make more groups in new centers
  • Increasing demand for refund of savings
  • Decline in importance of group collateral in center
  • Not able to identify bad loan members
  • Good members likely to quit the group due to bad members
  • Duplication

New Strategies adopted by branches

Susila Giri (left) and Nep Bahadur Chaudhary (right) senior staff of Aatmabirbhar LBS speaking during the review meet

Branches presented their new strategies to attract more group members in the following manner.

  • Adding more members in the beneficiary group centers
  • Plan to extend centers and identify the plans
  • Adding members by orienting them on services provided by the institution.
  • Stressing on collateral based loans for members
  • Loan analysis must be compulsory before investing loans
  • Regular communication with bad loan members to collect bad loans
  • Identifying the real members, increase investment
  • Maintaining discipline at the center meetings
  • Laying emphasis on increasing loan members
  • Emphasis on savings
  • Disbursing smaller loans at the center meetings to solve the problems of the members
  • Providing literacy training to the members
  • Providing Capacity building training to field staff
  • Creating awareness on individual loans based on collateral
  • Maintain cordial relationship between members and the institution
  • Stress on the need to identify bab loan members and ensure repayments of such loans soon
  • Renewing the loans of members if installments have not been completed
  • Inducting new members in the group after identifying them properly
  • Investing loans after observing and analyzing their past and present situation depending upon their capacities.


  • Each staff to carry out his/her duties and responsibilities properly
  • Since the institution has provided the full facilities to the staff, the staff should fulfill their respective responsibilities sincerely and honestly.
  • The staff should not take leave during the productive hours and days.
  • The staff should give the account address of the institution rather than asking members to deposit the loan installments in the personal bank accounts in case the members are unable to repay in time.
  • The central office must be contacted before providing any delivery facilities.
  • All branches must take into account to maintain KYC of members
  • All branches should submit plans for the month of Asar after reaching offices.
  • Complete loan analysis must be complied with before investing any loans to avoid any bad loans.
  • Details of members’ loan insurance must be communicated to the central office in time.
  • Members’ passbooks should be sent to the central office after matching them with collection sheets compulsorily.
  • Regular monitoring should be conducted to prevent any staff errors.
  • Door to door meeting with bad loan members should be carried out to reduce bad loans
  • Adapting to new times and circumstances.

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