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Zoom Meeting with Branch Managers on impact of Covid-19

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1. Introduction:
A regular meeting with the branch managers organized by Aatmanirbhar LBS has been concluded through a zoom meeting.The meeting was attended by Shogat Bir  Chaudhary, Chief Executive Officer of the Aatmabirbhar LBS, Asmani Chaudhary, Founder Chairman and Promoter of Aatmabirbhar LBS, Chairperson Mira Chaudhary, Branch managers and staff working at the Central Office. A total of 27 participants had attended the zoom meeting. 
2. Purpose of the meeting:
At a time when the world, including Nepal, is being affected by the Corona virus epidemic, there are many direct or indirect influences in the microfinance program run by this organization. With this in mind, the meeting was organized to discuss the impact of the corona virus on the activities of the  branch offices, the challenges it has created and the solutions to the challenges.
·        Discussion on progress report of branches.
·        Discuss about the impacts of corona virus.
·        Discuss the problems and challenges created by the corona virus.
·        Discuss solutions to the problems and challenges caused by the corona virus.
·        Planning for the upcoming days in keeping in mind the spreading spree of the corona virus.
3. Problems and challenges seen in the branches:
This organization has been playing an important role in the economic, social and educational empowerment of women. It has been providing financial services by empowering women to join the group. Currently, the corona virus is spreading as a global epidemic including in Nepal. This is directly or indirectly affecting the financial programs run by this organization. Due to lockdown or prohibitory orders, the office has not been able to conduct regular group meetings and the members have not been able to repay their loan installments. The corona virus has created the following problems and challenges.
·        Difficulty in conducting regular group meetings.
·        Non-receipt of loan installments, savings made by members.
·        Abuse by members.
·        Not being able to go to the field and collect the collected savings due to not being allowed to use the vehicle following lockdown from the local bodies.
·        Bad debtors inform the local police administration and obstruct the meeting.
·        Members' belief that Corona spreads during lockdown imposed by the government and it does not spread if lockdown is removed.
·        Bad debtors do not pay installments due to lockdown and do not allow others to pay.
·        Employee being infected with Corona virus
·        Not being able to invest loan due to non-conduct of meeting.
·        Due to the onset of rainy season for the farmers, it is difficult to invest in the agricultural sector and the lockdown has affected the market sector in particular and the inability to invest in loans to the members running the businesses.
4. Measures taken to solve problems and challenges:
 Nepal could not remain untouched by the spread of corona virus worldwide. Due to which, there has been lockdown in Nepal as well. Due to which the financial program has been directly affected. The corona virus is spreading. The following measures were taken to solve the existing problems and challenges.
·        Collecting savings by going to the field through alternative way.
·        Informing the group members to collect saving and loan installments at least one or two days before the meeting day.
·        Reaching the meeting centers and asking the members to collect their savings, installments and bring it to the organization office by following safety measures.
5. Guidelines/Conclusions
Regular meetings with branch managers have been concluded through zoom meetings in the wake of the global outbreak of the corona virus. In the branch presentation of the meeting, the impact, problems and challenges of Covid 19 in microfinance program and solutions were discussed. As different branch offices are facing different kinds of problems and challenges, it was seen in the presentation that different kinds of measures are being adopted to solve the same kind of problems. The following guidelines were given in the meeting.
·         Conduct daily activities by adopting safety measures (use of masks, sanitizers, maintaining physical distance, washing hands with soap and water from time to time, building high morale, eating spicy food, managing fever, cold medicine etc.).
Inform the staff working in the office about the health condition daily in the morning and in the evening and inform them about the health check-up.
·        Collecting savings by going to the field using alternative route.
·        Informing the centers 1-2 days before conducting the meeting and asking them to deposit savings and installments.
·        Stay in regular contact with members.
·        When contacting members, be polite and discuss about health precautions, savings and installments.
·        To manage the field keeping in view of the time and situation.
·        Making good use of lockdown time by working on member's personal file, KYC Update, update subsidiary account.
·        Success stories of successful branch entrepreneurs will be prepared and sent to the central office.
·        Inform the staff working in the office about the health condition daily in the morning and in the evening and inform them about the health check-up.
·        To review whether the plan taken in 2077/078 BS has been completed or not. If it is not completed, to review the reasons for non-fulfillment and to admit it. 
·        To make plan for 2078/079 BS.
·        Coordinate well with the head office, elected people's representatives and the police administration.
·        The central office will be in regular contact with the branch office to get information about the condition of the branch and to assist if necessary.
·        All employees should work as role models.
·        Don't look at unnecessary Facebook and social networks when the branch office is empty.
·        Work with positive thinking.
·        To invest the required amount by analyzing the member's debt.
·        Prepare the details of the damage caused to the member or member's family due to corona and send it to the central office.
·        Prepare details of bad debtors.

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